With the context, process and results presented, this project can be concluded as successful. The original research goal was to investigate how a smart home may combine the control and flexibility of an open source platform with the convenience of a proprietary servicebased system, while inclusively catering to a diverse group of inhabitants.

The project achieved an answer to this goal by using the research through design method. This method provided many moments of validation and reflection, finally resulting in research findings. These research findings were presented in a distilled manner as the following design principles: protect domestication, give immediate control and facilitate adaption.

The findings were also presented through a design, the Slimmer Dimmer, which dealt with a specific scenario. The principles and the design were developed in unison and only separated at the end of the project. This assured both the principles and the design were properly validated in context. It also made the principles tangible for other designers and provided options for further development of the slimmer dimmer.

Final chapter: References